WELCOME TO RP Distribution Inc.

RP Distribution Inc. was founded in 2008 when it was realized that good quality polished finish stainless 304 was hard to come by, even for professionnals. Throughout the years, it became the place for the fabrication specialists.  Nicknamed "Ali baba's cave" by some, our job is basically to get you started,  often the same day, and then you'll get your parts within 1 to 3 business days, more than 90% of the time.  

We've met amazing people that we now call friends and have grown to become much more than only "fab", even though we'll always have a soft spot for nice welds.  In 2019,  the company adopted its current name, as it better represents what we do on a daily basis:  schedule imports to be picked up to our USA warehouse twice a week,  helping our customers get the products they needs, when they need it, at a price that makes sense.  We are operating in the following markets:  aviation, electrification of vehicles, racing (car, truck, snowmobile, bike, side-by-side, marine, name it!), military, industrial and governemental.  Whenever importing products is required,  we can help.  Click the link below for more information!



Business Owners, Get Registered!

RP Distribution Inc. is a wholesale distributor. In order to respect agreements made with some of the companies we deal with, you are required to register in order to see online prices on the items we offer. Registering has its benefits: with our 'Best Price policy', you can be sure we will match and beat prices from our competitors, if it's not already the case. RP Distribution Inc. does not wish to compete against its local professional customers, therefore, if you are local, you will be referred to the nearest shop/store for your purchase. Registering does not necessarily allow you to make purchases, but it is the first step towards that goal!

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